Choosing the Right Bike Tips

When a customer comes into our store looking for a new bike, one of the first questions we always ask is: “What kind of riding are you (or the person you’re buying the bike for) planning on doing?” What follows are some of the more common answers to that question, followed by a couple of suggested bicycles that might meet that person’s needs. Note: this is in no way a complete list of all the bikes we have in stock but merely a sample of the many models and styles we have available in the store. Plus, we carry a number of specialty items that do not fit into easily-defined categories, such as trailers and jogging strollers, unicycles, recumbants, and juvenile and adult tricycles – please contact us if you have any questions!


I’m looking for a basic, sturdy bike for my son/daughter that will hold up to some abuse and still be in one piece to pass down to a younger brother or sister.

Diamondback Jr. Viper

pedal brakes, rear hand brake, motocross


Diamondback Impression

pedal brakes, rear hand brake, streamers

and shoulder bag

My son loves to jump and do tricks with his bike and needs something that can handle this kind of punishment.

Diamondback Joker

freestyle/all purpose bike –

very sturdy, a great value

Diamondback Skindog

trail/dirt-jumping bike –

light, strong, fun

My child needs more than just a single-speed for where we ride but isn’t big enough for an adult bike.

Diamondback Octane 20

20” wheels, 6 speeds, front

suspension, twist shifter

Diamondback Octane 24

24” wheels, 21 speeds,

all the features of an adult bike

I’ll be riding on a combination of pavement and dirt-and-gravel roads- I’m looking for a good, basic mountain bike that won’t cost a fortune.

Diamondback Outlook

aluminum frame, front suspension –

a lot of bike for the money

Diamondback Sorrento

adjustable suspension, Shimano

EZ-Fire shifters

I’ll be riding off-road in more rugged terrain and need something a little more durable.

Trek 4300

24 speeds, stronger all

around– our best seller!

Raleigh M50 DX

great, rugged bike with the

added value of disc brakes

I’m looking for a mountain bike that will grow with me as I become a better rider – maybe even handle entry-level competition.