Comedy Video Games

Wayne’s World for the Super Nintendo. One of my favorite comedy movies of all time. But it must be difficult to adapt a comedy in to a video game. The developers did have a few good ideas here and there, like making Wayne attack with his guitar, but there is just so much else that’s wrong with this game. Wayne gets sucked into a video game and Garth has been kidnapped by a gelatinous cube. So Wayne ventures off in to 4 levels of pure torture to save his buddy. Before you even notice how poorly this game controls you’ll notice how none of the graphics seem to fit the same style. Some things may look ok but others look like they were made in MS Paint. The screen is so busy it’s difficult to tell what you can and can’t interact with and what can and can’t hurt you. And it won`t hurt you to try your luck here:

The cutscenes also fall victim of the unfortunate graphics. Garth and wayne down right scare me. I’m not quite sure what the goal of the level is and I’ve never actually beaten one. Are you supposed to find a certain item or an exit? I really have no idea, someone please let me know. It’s a labyrinth and once you die it’s back to start. So any progress you thought you might have made really didn’t matter at all. The controls aren’t doing you any favors here as there is a slight delay, you have to be precise with your jumps and you can’t even attack while ducking. I can see how the game tried to appeal to fans of the movie with the cut scenes and they sometimes got a laugh out of me, but it cannot be saved because the game play is atrocious. The sound FX just tie the whole painful package together. Every time you die you get a distorted version of Wayne saying “not worthy” over and over. As Wayne would say this game is “Excellent”….NOT.  The Fifth Element for the PlayStation. The Fifth Element is one of my all time favorite Sci-Fi movies. And the only thing the game really shares in common with it, is that it’s the exact same story The game even goes as far as lifting clips from the movie as it’s cutscenes, albeit at a very poor quality Now I’ve talked about how the games so far seem to be marred with bad controls. But none of them compare to the misery of controlling this game.

You can either play as Korben Dallas or Leeloo and I’m not sure which is worse. Korben uses guns and Leeloo melee attacks and grenades. Moving you’re character forward is fine but once you need to turn all bets are off. You’re better off coming to a complete stop and then turning in the direction you want to go, then start back up moving forward. The controls are that bad. You never get where you want to smoothly or quickly. It feels like early resident evil tank controls, except in that game you were moving at a much slower pace and there was no platforming. Jumping in this game is equally if not more horrible than walking or running. You will without a doubt fall in to pits or never reach your target platform the majority of the time you jump. It took me almost five minutes to jump up to some boxes to reach a free life. It’s just really hard to describe how unresponsive the controls are unless you’ve played it yourself, and I don’t want you to do that so take my word for it.