Maniacs in Video Games

You are at camp Crystal lake and the goal is to find and kill Jason, before he kills all 6 of your playable characters or kills all the kids at the camp. The councilors play a bit different from one another with Chrissy and Paul being the best, because they can run much faster and jump much higher, with the other 4 being completely useless fodder for Jason to slay. As you start walking an alarm will start to sound and that means Jason is closing in on a cabin of campers. The alarm won’t stop until you get to the cabin or the kids are killed. Either way if fine by me if it means sweet relief from that incessant beeping.

Actually your ear will always be burning because if it’s not the beeping its the music that repeats the same melody on loop every 4 seconds. It’s enough to drive a man insane and playing on mute isn’t an option cause you need to be able to hear when the alarm sounds. You have a map of the camp that will show you where Jason is but it can be pretty useless especially when you’re in the cave or forrest where it’s no help at all. So be prepared to get lost and die because it’s a maze in there. If you make it to the cabin in time to save the kids, Jason will pop up and throw down in fists with you. So why not stand toe-to-toe with the supernatural psycho and throw rocks at him. Makes perfect sense. See what makes this game so bad is how little they paid attention to the Jason mythos. They have Jason control an army of bats, wolves, and the Undead, just like in the movies! Right? Jason can also can swim super fast through the water and attack you. His weakness is water for crying out loud how did the developers miss that.

My favorite part is when Jason will jump you in broad daylight and straight up street fight you. Classic Jason! Ok, Ok. He did do it that one time. Most people will not beat this game, and if you do I can’t imagine you any having fun. The only good thing that came from this game is that NECA toys released a purple glow in the dark Jason action figure. This game is a nightmare that Freddy Kruger himself wouldn’t dare step into. It’s best to just let Jason win and join your friends on the other side. There you have it, my top 5 worst video games based off of movies. Are there others out there that are just as bad if not worse? Sure there are some notoriously bad ones like Cat Woman or Charlie’s Angels, but was any one really expecting those to be good?