Older Batman Game

Once you start throwing enemies into the mix it’s a recipe for disaster. You will not be able to see most of the bad guys until they shoot you and even then you have to move very close to see them because the game you can only see about 10 steps in front of you and the rest is a sea of blue. This is clearly a side effect from the awful graphics. The enemies are way more powerful than you and their aim is better so it makes the odds of you having any fun with this virtually zero. Do yourself a favor, just move on, pretend this game never existed. Just go watch the movie and I guarantee you’ll have a good time #2. Batman Forever for the SNES & Sega Genesis. This list is about games I hate based on movies I love, but this is the exception because I hate this game so much it had to be included. I don’t think Batman Forever is a good movie. At all. But as a kid I did like it. It was colorful, goofy, and it had Batman.

That’s all I really need for entertainment at that age. I was a kid, I didn’t know any better. But even as a kid I knew this game was trash. And this is coming from a kid who would gladly play the game Bubsy. But still I would not touch this vile excuse of a game. It just sat on my shelf for 20 years. Now at first glance it doesn’t look too bad, the visuals are ok, a bit too dark,a bit muddy, but once you start playing you know how awful this experience is going to be. The button layout sucks right from the get go. Up is jump, which is always unwelcomed. Your only objective is to fight wave after wave of oddly named thugs one after the other. Each guy takes at least a minute to beat and then it starts to dawn on you. Wait a second… this is just Mortal Kombat as a side scrolling beat ‘em up, well minus the special attacks, cool characters, fatalities, or any charm. It’s just walking very slowly to the side and punching memorable Batman villains like warlock, BLOOD FIRE, and creditor?… There are no cool gadgets and the ones you do have do little to no damage. Its so unbelievably repetitive and the levels take FOREVER. How fitting of its name.

There are some platforming sections like where you need to quickly activate 6 ? boxes in the allotted time and if you don’t do it fast enough you have to start all the way from box 1 This will kill any progress you hope to make. The controls are so unresponsive that I was unable to do it after about half hour of trying. The only reason I own this game is to remind myself to appreciate all the good games I have. I hate you Batman Forever. #1. Friday the 13th for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Since Friday the 13th is my favorite horror franchise and Jason my favorite horror icon, this game is a slap to the face. Now if you were going to make a game based off the movies you’d think that players would want to take control of Jason! I mean he is the reason people watch the movies, but no you’re stuck playing as one of the irresponsible camp councilors. Huge mistake right off the bat, but that’s the least of this games worries.