Online Gambling Legislation Lobbying

The online gambling world and their attempt to get the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act overturned gets some serious assistance from the Poker Players Alliance. Last year the group of some 800,000 members spent almost a million dollars to lobby the government on overturning the UIGEA.

It is not illegal to participate in online gambling or to play poker online, however, the UIGEA made the processing of the payments to online gambling companies illegal. This obviously has made it much harder to participate in what is essentially a legal game.

The group spent a total of $900,000 lobbying for the rights of poker players, with the majority of it, $780,000 spent in the second half of the year alone. The information comes from a disclosure form that was posted online last week by the Senate’s public record’s office.

They are not alone in their fight against the UIGEA, there are many other groups that are fighting to get online gambling legalized again, but many do not have the powerhouse of more than three-fourths of a million people behind them. However, any strides that they are able to lobby for with that strength will only serve to help the cause further on down the line.

With Ohio making online gambling legal one has to wonder what all the fuss is about. If Ohio can make keno legal to play live casinos singapore, then why not make everything legal for online gambling. It is the same thing right?

However, the government remains steadfast that online gambling is illegal – while allowing a double standard to remain within the states. They already break their own laws by allowing horse racing to be played online, now Keno?

Ohio says that they are going to have keno available for players both online and televised next month. They are already projecting $70 million a year from the online gambling, which they say will go to educational programs. They say that they will also be able to balance the state budget.

The state says that in this economy they simply needed something to keep them afloat. They said that the amount of players asking for it was substantial, so they had to do something to assuage their need for online gambling.

However, if keno is available online than they are truly participating in online gambling. With it being illegal everywhere but seemingly in Ohio – one has to wonder how they are getting away with it. Not only that, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that other states are going to follow suit.