Top 5 Mobile Casino Welcome Bonuses – Pick of the Best Welcome Bonuses

Casinos can offer the best exclusive games, the cutest mascot or a lot of payment options, but until you start gambling there’s little difference to tell them apart on the face of it.

Welcome bonuses are important because of this. Casinos can’t expect users to lay money down for a site that they’ve never tried before. Luckily, many casinos have created enticing offers to get you through the front door, and these are our top 5.

With the largest initial amount to spend bar none, LadyLucks strives ahead with its bonus cash. Offering £20 from the get go, not only does this give you a lot of money to play with, but your bets are very flexible too. You can set your bet to as low as a penny, which can give you hundreds of test spins before you deposit. Best of all you don’t even need to add card details, so you can feel secure in knowing you’re playing your test slots, without any obligation. During your bonus trial, only half the selection of games is available than would be normally, but with a wide range of casino and slot games to try out, sacrifices can more than be made, especially given the price .

Spin Genie comes in a very close second when it comes to initial bonus cash offered. £10 is nothing to turn your nose at, especially when it industry standard is £5. It says a lot about how generous the LadyLucks welcome bonus is when the runner up is half the value. Spin Genie has all of its slot games available for playing right off the bat. It does block off its casino games, but I think by this point we have a pretty good idea of how a game of blackjack goes down. The bad news for mobile depositors is that you have to add a card in order to access the welcome bonus, but Spin Genie is very open about when any depositing takes place, so there’s no danger of card transactions happening by accident.

mFortune is the first on our list to have a welcome bonus of £5, the industry standard. This is an interesting price range though as casinos will add something extra to the cash bonus, in order to stand out from the crowd. mfortune has a very interesting twist on this. £5, no card details needed, you keep what you win. That is a brave way to go, but mFortune is adamant that forcing players to pay a wagering deposit harms the industry. Well, they must be doing something right as it certainly doesn’t seem to be harming business, or their place on this list. Offering £5 again, Pocket Win has a lot to live up to in offering a satisfying bonus for their new users. Their solution? Let the users test it for free, without even touching their welcome bonus. Every single one of Pocket Win’s games can be downloaded and played in free mode. Here you get unlimited spins to learn the games before you even put down a penny of your free money. It may have a small range of games, but with no deposit and no time limit to try them out, Pocket Win isn’t afraid to let you enjoy them nonetheless.

Winneroo offers a £5 welcome bonus. Noticing a pattern here? So did they. Pulling the welcome bonus equivalent of standing on tip toes, they throw in a £20 refer a friend bonus on top of that. Get a friend to join you in taking up your £5 welcome bonus and you’ll get an extra £20 to go with it, so you can enjoy your welcome for even longer. But winning by a hair is still a win and that’s why, they’re on this list. If you have any welcome bonuses that have stood out for you and which we at Casinoslots missed, then please leave a comment.